U.K. Mobile Payments to reach 20 million users by 2020

U.K. Mobile Payments

The Centre for Economic and Business Research also sees large increases in purchasing over smaller screens. According to a recent report providing information on a study conducted by the Centre for Economic and Business Research (CEBR), the use of U.K. mobile payments is going to explode over the next seven years, while at the same time, people in the country will be using their smartphones and tablets to buy a growing number of products and services. The prediction is that this year’s $7.85 billion in purchases will have risen to…

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Mobile payments set to take off in UK retail

mobile commerce payments coming soon

Next year, a much larger number of retailers are expected to allow shoppers to buy using smartphones. An agreement has just been announced in the United Kingdom, which has revealed that consumers will be able to use their smartphones for mobile payments at a much larger number of retail stores across the company. This process makes it possible to complete a transaction in a matter of 12 seconds, on average. As of next year, shoppers will be able to use mobile payments to pay for their purchases at locations such…

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Mobile payments from banks trusted by UK consumers

Mobile commerce Risks

A recent survey has shown that British smartphone users prefer paying with their bank’s services. Although consumers in the United Kingdom have always had a form of love/hate relationship with their banks, the results of a recent survey have shown that these are still the institutions that smartphone users in that country like the most in terms of mobile payments services. They may not be thrilled with their banks, but they do trust them in terms of the security of their services. The mobile payments survey was conducted by U.K.-based…

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Mobile payments trial to start with the hopes of Marks & Spencer

Mobile payments platform

The small pilot program is being held by the retailer, which is hopeful that it will be successful. Marks & Spencer, the massive British retailer, made considerable mobile payments headlines recently when a report wrongfully indicated that it was adding a new app that was deploying smartphone based transactions throughout. Instead, the story is similar, but it is quite different, as it has started a small trial program. The mobile payments trial began with the launch of the M&S Digital Lab app, which occurred in February. This was a part…

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Mobile payments saw significant U.K. growth last year

Mobile Payments

A new report that monitored the acceptance of smartphone transactions has just been released. A new report from the British market research firm called yStats has just been released which shows the wrap up for the mobile payments use statistics throughout last year and the growth that it experienced. Even though the sector still hasn’t expanded at the predicted rate, it still saw some considerable increases. The most recent report from yStats was called “Global Mobile Payment Methods 2012”. It looked into the growth of mobile payments not only in…

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