4 Apps that Bring Your Team Together When They’re Miles Apart

Mobile app development

You have Bob and Jeff spending several weeks a month in Brazil working with new clients, while Sam tries to find reliable suppliers in Asia. At the same time, Janice is searching for warehouse space in cities throughout the U.S. It may seem almost impossible at times to coordinate your team’s efforts on your various important projects. Thankfully, the same mobile devices that have unchained your workers from their office chairs can also help make team collaboration a breeze. With the right mobile apps, your employees will be able to…

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QR codes make document sharing fast and easy

It is also providing companies and individuals with another way to go paperless. TagMyDoc has launched its tool based on QR codes that allows individuals to save paper and time when sharing documents, with integration with well known services and software such as Office, Dropbox, and Box. The uses for this type of opportunity are virtually endless, but right now trade shows are seeing the appeal. The QR codes are used to help to share folders full of information without having to print and carry actual papers or having to…

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