Mobile commerce and marketing organization expanding into North America

tablet commerce trends

Proxama has announced plans to expand into the North American market Proxama, a leading mobile marketing firm, has announced that it will be expanding its global reach by launching new operations in North America. Demand for effective mobile marketing services has been on the rise among businesses throughout North America. These businesses are looking to engage with mobile consumers more effectively, and Proxama aims to satisfy this demand with the services that it provides. Company’s mobile platforms may become powerful tools for businesses Over the past few years, Proxama has…

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Wearable technology, SexFit, is rather different from your smartwatch

SexFit by Bondara wearable technology

These wearables are headed considerably lower, allowing a man to track statistics related to his penis. A British adult retailer called Bondara has now taken wearable technology to an entirely different region of the male anatomy, giving men the ability to track various statistics through a companion app, while claiming to enhance experience and performance at the same time. At the moment, these wearables are only in their pre-prototype form, and it has yet to be seen whether they will hit the market. The wearable technology device is designed in…

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Mobile security based on heartbeat to be used by Bitcoin

mobile security bitcoin biorhythm heart beat

The online currency is looking to biometrics to verify identity. Bitcoin has already changed the way companies, businesses, and governments think of currency, and now it’s working on altering the way that mobile security verifies identities, through the use of a wearable biometrics through the use of a user’s heartbeat. They will be using a smartphone app called Nymi which was developed by a company called Bionym. Bionym is a company based in Toronto, Canada. This mobile app development will help to make sure that digital wallets are more secure.…

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Mobile commerce may benefit from new partnership

Mobile trends Commerce Apps on smartphone

New partnership could ignite a promising future for mobile commerce The NFC Forum, a non-profit industry association that promotes standards for NFC technology, has announced that it has formed a liaison partnership with the Bluetooth Special Interest Group, a trade association focused on Bluetooth technology. The partnership will allow the two organizations to work more closely together in the future, potentially collaborating on projects concerning the use of NFC and Bluetooth technology. Both of these technologies have become quite popular in the mobile space, especially where commerce is concerned. NFC…

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iPhone 4S may not have NFC, but it has Bluetooth 4.0

iphone 4s Bluetooth

Many had expected that the latest version of the iPhone, the 4S, would be enabled with near field communication (NFC) technology, and while that was absent from the release, what was included was Bluetooth 4.0 integration which made it the first smartphone on the market with this enhancement. Bluetooth 4.0 is comparable to NFC in many ways, and was first integrated into the MacBook Air, allowing for communication among devices with a lower energy use than was required by previous versions of the technology. It allows the manufacturers of devices…

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