Blippar to update its augmented reality app with new real time features

Blippar augmented reality Mobile App

The next generation of the application will be much easier to use and will offer greater practicality. At the TechCrunch Disrupt London 2015, the co-founder and CEO of Blippar, Ambarish Mitra, demonstrated the next generation of the company’s popular augmented reality app, with improved object identification and enhanced features. The mobile app will soon be able to offer users much faster and easier real time options through smartphones and tablets. The new version of the Blippar augmented reality app is to launch in late December and the goal is to…

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Blippar augmented reality mobile app searches the internet with a camera

Snap Shot of augmented reality

Instead of typing in search terms, users simply need to aim their smartphones at whatever they want. The makers of the Blippar augmented reality app are hoping that images truly will speak louder than words, as they have taken the idea of Googling something and have turned it into a form of search that can be conducted through a smartphone camera. The company has the largest platform for AR and image recognition in the world and has now re-launched their app. The re-launched augmented reality app has been designed to…

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Google Glass app from Jaguar displays augmented reality print ads

jaguar google glass mobile marketing augmented reality

This advertising design brings mobile marketing to an entirely new and interactive level. Jaguar has taken its new print ad campaign to an entirely new level through augmented reality and its app for Google Glass, cleverly encouraging consumers to interact with the experience of its villain-themed mobile marketing campaign. The brand has linked its ads from a range of different magazines through the Blippar app for various mobile devices. When using the Google Glass, smartphone, or tablet version of the Blippar app with the Jaguar ads in GQ, Wired, Condé…

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QR Code Detective: Is your mobile marketing campaign up to the challenge?

QR code magazine frustrated

Our barcode investigators looked at the evidence and found that many promotions are falling flat. A QR code can be a powerful tool for reaching consumers in a simple, convenient and highly cost effective way – providing that this mobile barcode is used properly. However, all too many campaigns are giving quick response codes a bad name by using them incorrectly. Consumers don’t ask for much when it comes to campaigns based on barcodes. Primarily, they are looking for the answer to “what’s in it for me?” in order to…

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Augmented reality gains momentum in marketing sector

Augmented Reality

Advertisers are beginning to embrace augmented reality more aggressively Augmented reality is beginning to become extremely important to the advertising industry. More consumers are becoming mobile; tethered to smartphones and tablets that soak up a great deal of their time. As consumers become more involved in mobile technology, traditional marketing campaigns are beginning to lose their clout. Advertisers are starting to feel the need to adapt to a changing marketing landscape and augmented reality may be the engine that propels the sector into a new era of consumer engagement. Blippar…

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