BlackBerry to acquire mobile security firm

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The business services boosting purchase of Good Technology is going to be for $425 million. BlackBerry is going to be buying the mobile security firm called Good Technology for a total of $425 million in cash, in order to considerably enhance its business related services at the same time that the smartphone hardware market share remains flat. The goal of this acquisition is to appeal to a larger number of business customers through improved security. Good Technology is a California- based company that provides mobile security for apps, email, and…

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Has BlackBerry received a takeover offer from Samsung?

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The Canadian handset maker has vehemently denied that it has received an offer of US$7.5 billion. Last week, headlines were ablaze with reports that BlackBerry Ltd. had received a takeover offer from Samsung Electronics Co., worth an estimated US$7.5 billion, sending the stock price for the Canadian technology company skyward. However, since that time, the company has flat-out denied that it was in talks with Samsung for that purpose. This contradiction to the original claims that BlackBerry could potentially be taken over by Samsung brought the stock prices right back…

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Mobile security move made by new BlackBerry acquisition

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The struggling Canadian handset maker has now purchased the Secusmart anti-eavesdropping company. BlackBerry has now made the latest in a series of moves that are designed to allow the company to claw its way back into relevance and – dare it be said – successful recovery, through the acquisition of a mobile security company called Secusmart. The firm’s anti-eavesdropping technology align with BlackBerry’s new focus on amped up security. Secusmart’s high powered mobile security technology was initially developed in order to provide the smartphones of German government officials – such…

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Technology news from BlackBerry shows $4.7 billion buyout

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Shares for the freefalling smartphone manufacturer ground to a halt as a takeover deal was inked. The downward spiral of BlackBerry stocks screeched to a stop, yesterday, as the company made technology news by inking a takeover deal that would pay US$9 per share. The deal was struck for BlackBerry to sell itself to a consortium that is led by its largest shareholder. This technology news means that the Fairfax Financial Holdings Ltd.-led consortium will become the new owners of the dramatically failing company. Within that deal, the dramatically battered…

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