Bitcoin QR code on murals earns street artist a cool $1,000

Bitcoin QR Code - Street art, grafity, mural

Pascal Boyart is using quick response codes to help kick start his street art with cryptocurrency donations. A street artist named Pascal Boyart has decided to take a more modern route to funding his art, using a Bitcoin QR code. This way, he has allowed himself to earn an income without relying on traditional avenues. Boyart managed to earn revenues from his murals without needing an exhibition in a gallery. The Bitcoin QR code was a part of a growing movement artists have been using to replace the need to…

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QR code used by BitInstant on their new prepaid debit card

credit card with qr code

Bitcoin has announced the use of the quick response barcodes on their plastic cards. BitInstant, the Bitcoin transfer service, has revealed that they will be launching a prepaid debit card that will feature a QR code, within the next couple of months. Bitcoin has had a sketchy past, due to international regulations, but is adding more conventional features. The reason that many people raise a brow at Bitcoin is that it has had a record with criminals using their services as a part of their schemes. Its very nature is…

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