Your mobile phone battery may one day be bacteria powered

bacteria mobile phone battery

British scientists have found a new way for these microscopic critters to become a power source. That’s right, the mobile phone battery of the future might be powered by bacteria. Colonies of bacteria will activate what have been described as microscopic “windfarms”. This could provide an entirely new source of power for smartphones, tablets and other mobile gadgets. The idea of biologically driven power plants for small and yet powerful mobile gadgets is promising. At the moment, this mobile phone battery concept remains in the computer simulation phase. Still, it…

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Wearable technology could benefit from flexible battery tech

thread like battery for wearable technology mobile devices

Everything from smartwatches to smart clothing and smartglasses could do well with these new power sources. One of the greatest challenges faced by the wearable technology industry is in powering them with a battery that is strong enough to last, but that is small enough that it will allow the device to be lightweight and compact enough to be appealing to consumers and to avoid the problems with looking clunky and chunky when worn. A new type of flexible battery was unveiled in Japan at the Wearable Expo, with some…

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