A portable phone charger can keep your Halloween spooky this year

Portable phone charger

In this year of altered celebrations, smartphones offer a great way to keep the evening creepy. A portable phone charger has become a rather unexpected top accessory for Halloween in recent years.  Despite the fact that the pandemic has altered celebrations to varying degrees this year, this popularity hasn’t changed. This gadget has the unique advantage of keeping things spooky but not actually scary. Many cities, states and even countries have decided to alter their Halloween celebrations for 2020 due to the risks associated with the pandemic.  While some regions…

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How to buy the best portable phone charger

best portable phone charger battery pack

When you need to have a power pack with you, choosing the right one can seem daunting. Regardless of whether you use your smartphone for business or personal reasons (and the odds are that you use it for both), choosing the best portable phone charger can help you to make sure that your device will always have the power that it needs to get you through your day. Having your battery run out of juice while you still need it is more than just an inconvenience. The main problem with…

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Mogix battery bank has announced its “Middle Mania Sale”

charge two mogix mobile charger battery bank

The power bank company has taken a unique tack to discount its devices well ahead of Valentine’s Day. The battery bank company, Mogix, that features a dog as its mascot – a Jack Russell Terrier with the same name as the company – issued a press release, yesterday, to announce its “After Christmas, After New Year and Before Valentines Sale!” The company is providing the opportunity to mobile technology users to save when purchasing multiple power banks. The logic behind the deal is that some of the most popular tech…

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