QR codes help bide time before NFC takes off

QR Codes vs. NFC mobie marketing

Inexpensive, simple, and familiar barcodes are filling the gap until other technologies step up. QR codes are appearing virtually everywhere, these days, from fliers to magazine ads and from product packages to tourism information locations. Due to their ease and familiarity among consumers, they are being very broadly used. While near field communication (NFC) continues to drag its heels, QR codes are stepping up to make sure that the void is filled. Though the former seems to be receiving a lot of the positive press, and is the center of…

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FormSprint’s popular Integrated Custom Software platform now supports QR codes in an effort to help streamline business correspondence

QR Codes shopping for men

FormSprint, makers of IBM i-based forms and document management software, have adopted QR codes into their services. The company’s management platform will now support QR codes in an effort to help business streamline their operations. QR codes are popular in the world of marketing, but the codes can be used for more than simple advertisements. More businesses are finding the codes useful for their correspondence as they allow companies to distribute information more efficiently. Using QR codes properly can be deceptively simple. The codes themselves are easily created for free…

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The importance of having a QR code scanning app on a mobile device

QR Codes

QR codes are appearing virtually everywhere, from television commercials to billboards and from newspaper adds to business cards, but without having the right reader app on a mobile phone, they are nothing more than an unusable series of dark and light squares. Newspapers and magazines are allowing advertisers to include QR codes so that readers can discover more information about promotions or about a featured product. Similarly, when placed in an article, readers can learn more information about a story, receive updated information about that topic, or can use a…

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