Smartphone barcodes let library users scan their own and skip the line

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A new app is allowing boos to be borrowed without having to wait at borrowing stations to check out. The National Library in Singapore has come up with a new program to help to beat the lineups in its libraries by using a new mobile app that will allow device users to scan smartphone barcodes and borrow books right as they take them off the shelf, instead of having to wait in line at borrowing stations. This mobile app is designed to help to make things much more convenient for…

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SpyderLynk uses QR code to help boost direct mail promotion from U.S. Postal Service


SnapTag users receive additional discount so smartphone consumers can shop directly. Leading marketing technology business, SpyderLynk, which was also the creator of the trademarked SnapTag (a barcode similar to a QR code), has announced that it will be taking part in the 2012 Mobile Commerce and Personalization Promotion from the U.S. Postal Service, through an offer of its Buy-it-Now Mobile Commerce barcodes within the consumer direct mailers throughout the summer months. This promotion by the Postal Service is meant to show that direct mail is still relevant to smartphone marketing.…

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Top 100 magazines increased QR code use by 617 percent in 2011

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According to a Nellymoser study, the use of QR codes, such as 2D barcodes and Microsoft Tags, skyrocketed by 617 percent between January and December 2011 within the top 100 American magazines. Nellymoser is a mobile technology and marketing company based in Massachusetts and its data indicated that most of the growth of the use of QR codes was driven by advertisers. From the beginning to the end of last year, the number of magazine pages that included these barcodes rose from 3.6 percent to 8.36 percent. This most recent…

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NeoMedia registers an increase of 240 percent in QR code use

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NeoMedia has announced that when compared to Black Friday in 2010, this year’s use of the app firm’s NeoReader application for barcode scanning increased by over 240 percent. They made this announcement through a recent press release, where they also stated that these two dimensional QR codes are the most popular type of barcode scanned by mobile devices, with 87 percent of scans going to them, while one dimensional barcodes received only 13 percent of scans. According to the chief executive officer at NeoMedia Technologies, Inc., Laura Marriott, retail stores…

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QR codes becoming more appealing to art lovers and begin to be used for more than just marketing

QR codes have been successfully integrating into the world of art for some time now. The codes are becoming very popular with artists looking for an affordable way to promote their work to a massive audience. Indeed, the codes have seen a great deal of success in the worlds of marketing and promotion. Few would think, however, that consumers would begin to grow fond of the blocky, maze-like design of the codes themselves. Now, the codes are becoming much more than a simple advertising tool. They are becoming works of…

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