QR codes on bikini-clad behinds cause quite a stir

qr codes marketing

A considerable controversy has developed following a publicity stunt using quick response codes in Beijing. In Beijing on November 3, a technology company drew attention to itself using QR codes and another method that has generated a surprising amount of controversy, as models wearing bikinis promoted a new mobile app with barcodes on their behinds. The women wore the quick response codes on the backsides of the bikini bottoms. What’s more, in order to encourage people to scan the QR codes, the models had the words “use me” written on…

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Scandinavian Airlines releases unique double scan QR code promotion

Scandinavian Airlines has just launched its latest promotion based on the use of a QR code, which requires two mobile devices to scan the code while they are next to one another in order to obtain the offered deal. The “2 for 1 offer it takes 2 to see” is based on a QR code that must be scanned by devices that are physically next to one another. The reason for this design is that the airline performed research that discovered that when couples make their trip bookings, they are…

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Hennessy announces results of their latest mobile marketing campaign

QR Code Campaign

Hennessy, the world’s premier cognac house, recently undertook a foray into the world of mobile marketing. A growing number of brands are beginning to take notice of the ever expanding popularity of mobile technology among consumers. As technology changes, so too must the marketing efforts from companies interested in staying viable in the shifting landscape of business. Last July, Hennessy adopted QR codes, and has announced the results of their campaign this week. QR codes have become a very popular tool amongst marketers due to the enchanting effects they seem…

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