3 Facts About Traditional Marketing Vs. Digital Marketing

digital marketing strategy

The world is changing and so is marketing. Any business that does not quickly adapt to the changing times risks losing out on great opportunities. In the wake of this digital era entrepreneurs and companies must strive to benefit from a combination of traditional and digital marketing. But what is the difference between traditional and digital marketing and why is it so important? Which one is more significant and is there a realistic or perfect balance between the two? Traditional marketing methods are the conventional ways of marketing that have…

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Western Union adds new payment entity combining online, prepaid card, and mobile business

Western Union Mobile Campaign

The biggest payment transfer company in the world, Western Union Co., has announced that it will be combining its online, prepaid card, and mobile business to create a single new entity which will provide consumers with a larger number of services and will grow their customer base. The official online portal for the company, westernunion.com, provides payment transfer services among two hundred countries around the world. This portal will now become a new element of the Western Union Ventures unit, under the leadership of Dianne Scott, the company’s chief marketing…

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