Walmart and Marvel team to promote The Avengers film

Augmented Reality app

The Avengers promoted through augmented reality campaign Retail giant Walmart has teamed with Marvel Entertainment to prepare for the release of the upcoming film The Avengers. The film draws together some of the most powerful and famous heroes in the Marvel universe and this concept will serve as the template for the latest promotional campaign from both companies. Walmart has begun turning its stores into virtual playgrounds featuring Marvel super heroes. Shoppers can see these heroes with the use of the “Super Hero AR” mobile application, which brings the landscape…

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Marvel releases first issue of its augmented reality comic series

Marvel Augmented Reality

Augmented reality and comics make the perfect match.   Acclaimed comic and entertainment giant Marvel has released the first issue of its new augmented reality line of comics. The line, called “ReEvolution,” is meant to appeal to tech-savvy comic fans that have been growing interested in augmented reality technology. Avengers Vs. X-Men Infinite #1 is the first comic in the series and is one of the first comics in the world to have AR components. The comic can be brought to life through the use of the Marvel App, which…

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