Famed augmented reality platform receives an update from HP

Augmented Reality Marketing

HP makes update to augmented reality platform Acclaimed technology firm Hewlett Packard has been showing some strong interest in the field of augmented reality recently. In 2011, HP acquired Autonomy, a specialist in the field of augmented reality. The acquisition itself was somewhat controversial as HP discontinued some of Autonomy’s well liked products. Through the acquisition, HP has gained access to the Aurasma augmented reality platform, which has opened up a new focus for the technology company as it works to make updates to the widely used platform. Aurasma v2.0…

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Autonomy to incorporate augmented reality with all of HP’s products

Mobile Commerce Industry

Autonomy, a prestigious augmented reality development company, has announced plans to integrate augmented reality technology throughout the breadth of Hewlett-Packard’s new products. HP has begun showing interest in the technology and believes that it can be used to add value to improve customer experience. Autonomy is well known in the field of augmented reality for their uses of the technology in terms of data search and analysis. In October of this year, HP purchased Autonomy for over $9 billion. AR technology from Autonomy is expected to come to HP’s line…

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Autonomy, makers of the popular Aurasma AR platform, report growth since the applications launch

Aurasma AR App

Augmented reality is gaining traction all over the world. AR has captured the interest of businesses looking to embolden their presence in a world that is growing more integrated with technology. Autonomy, a technology company known for its innovative products, has been something of a pioneer in this field with their new AR platform Aurasma. Since its release back in May of this year, Aurasma has drawn the attention of several big-name companies, including Nokia. Aurasma has garnered acclaim for its advanced use of augmented reality. In using the platform,…

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