Mercedes-Benz enters the mobile augmented reality market with new app

Augmented Reality car

Mercedes-Benz has joined the growing number of automakers that are developing mobile augmented reality applications. Automakers are showing interest in the technology because it opens up a new avenue of consumer engagement. Because of the widespread use and ownership of smart phone, the mobile application market has proven to be more than just a passing fancy for consumers. Today, companies not developing mobile apps may be missing a major opportunity. The manufacturer has developed an app for the iOS and Android platforms that allows smart phone users to take virtual…

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Mazda adopts augmented reality for new marketing campaign

Augmented Reality Marketing

Japanese automaker Mazda is taking a step into augmented reality with a new marketing campaign. The company has long fought to be on the cutting edge of technologies and believes that augmented reality is the next step in marketing and, on a larger scale, consumer engagement. Mazda’s new campaign can be found in magazines such as Wheels, Men’s Health and Fishing World. Each ad will feature an augmented reality video that can be activated by a smart phone. The auto industry has become enamored by augmented reality recently. The technology…

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