QR code integration is the next step for Raiffeisen Bank ATMs

ATM mobile payments qr code integration

The Austrian financial institution will also be working NFC technology into its machines. In Austria, the Raiffeisen Bank is now changing their ATM network machines to include NFC and QR code integration. The financial institution is adding the reader devices to 1,200 machines throughout their network. The goal is to make it possible for traditional ATMs to accept quick response code scans and near field communication taps. There are several different types of transaction that will become possible with the mobile technology. Aside from the NFC technology and QR code…

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Public library made of QR codes and NFC stickers opens in Austria

mobile qr codes in library

City of Klagenfurt can now make books available to borrow for smartphone owners. Though the city of Klagenfurt, Austria, has never had a public library before, it has how opened the doors to the next best thing, which is made up of NFC stickers and QR codes. The mobile features give users access to a broad selection of different ebooks. There are 70 stickers for NFC and QR codes in total. They are located all over the city and direct individuals who use them to a website with pages that…

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