Self-service QR code payments launched in Sydney for Chinese residents and visitors

Self-service QR Code Payments - Syndey Australia

The Inspiry Smart Box is now available in Sydney. Chinese mobile payment solution Inspiry has launched a self-service QR code payments terminal in Sydney, Australia. Called the Inspiry Smart Box, the terminal has been installed in many of the city’s shopping malls, restaurants, supermarkets, jewelry shops and cafes. Users of the self-service payment terminals simply need to scan a QR code to make a transaction. Using the self-service QR code payments system is quick, easy and convenient for consumers. To make a transaction via the Inspiry Smart Box, consumers simply…

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New mobile payments partnership opens between Australian and Dutch companies

Australia Mobile payments Commerce QR Codes

The two firms in question are eftpos and Bell ID, which hope for a flexible new transaction capability. Eftpos, a company from Australia has now announced a partnership with a Dutch company called Bell ID in order to develop a domestic mobile payments capability that will use secure tokenization and will still remain notably flexible. The purpose of this new partnership is to help to make eftpos smartphone payments available across digital platforms. Bruce Mansfield, the managing director of eftpos explained that the new capability that will be developed through…

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New mobile payments service launched by National Australia Bank

Mobile games Australia

Bank launches new mobile payments platform The National Australia Bank has launched a new mobile payments service that leverages NFC technology and QR codes. The service is called NAB Flik and is accompanied by a mobile application of the same name. The application is meant to provide consumers with an efficient way to participate in mobile commerce, allowing users to initiate mobile payments through a variety of methods. Australia is quickly becoming a very prominent market when it comes to mobile commerce and more of the country’s financial services firms…

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Mobile security increased in Australia to tackle fraud

mobile security threats

PayPal has announced that it is boosting its anti-fraud efforts for Australians using their services. As mobile security concerns ranging from credit card fraud to identity theft are growing among Australian consumers, PayPal has announced that it is bumping up the efforts that it is making to provide them with the protection they need to trust in the digital payments technologies. This will be accomplished by bringing the seller protection guarantee into the Australian retailer market. This effort by PayPal is being made to strengthen its mobile security credentials within…

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NFC technology benefits unclear to many mobile consumers

NFC technology mobile payments

CEO of mHITs has found that Australian customers aren’t sure about the advantages of near field communication. NFC technology has been making a lot of headlines over the last few months, particularly in the area of mobile payments, as many smartphone companies, transaction businesses, and retailers believe that it provides a clear advantage over the more traditional forms of paying for goods and services. According to mHITs, this benefit is not being seen by the consumer. The CEO of mHITs, the Australian SMS based mobile payments service, Harold Dimpel, explained…

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Mobile payments from PayPal tested in Australian shops

Paypal mobile payments

The service allows transactions to occur in-store through a mobile device such as a smartphone. Small businesses in Australia are currently taking part in early trials of the new in-store mobile payments system being offered by PayPal in order to provide feedback regarding its features, function, and value. This new system offered by the eBay owned company first announced the launch of the service last week. Consumers are now able to use a mobile payments app from PayPal to check into a shop that they have entered. This also allows…

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Forrester Research outlines mobile behaviors of Australians

Australia Mobile Commerce

Forrester has released the results of its most recent research which shined some light on the mobile behaviors of Australian consumers, and outlined the primary usage segments that will allow businesses to get the most out of their mobile marketing and m-commerce. The report containing the results was entitled “Mobile Telegraphics: Australian Online Shoppers” and it both identified the kind of mobile consumers in the country and made suggestions for companies who would use this information to improve their mobile campaigns. Among the mobile trends highlighted in the document are:…

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Commonwealth Bank adopts NFC technology with new iPhone app

Mobile Commerce Bank

Australia’s Commonwealth Bank, a multinational financial institution, has announced a new iPhone app that will make use of NFC technology. The bank is looking to mimic the relative success other companies have had with so called mobile wallets – smart phones that can be used to make purchases. The bank’s adoption of the technology heralds the dawning of a new era in Australia, and other countries, that may see smart phones replacing debit cards or cash. It may be difficult to win over consumers, however, as many are still unfamiliar…

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One thousand transactions occur on mobile devices every hour in Australia

Australian Mobile commerce Trends

PayPal has announced that mobile commerce in Australia is building a great deal of steam, as consumers in that country have already broken the 1,000 hourly transaction mark. Newly released PayPal figures have indicated that there has been a significant spike in Australian smartphone payment volumes. The 2,000 PayPal merchants who are now accepting the first wave of payments using mobile within the last half year are indicating that e-merchants in the country are also responding to this transformation. Previously in 2011, the “M-Commerce: Secure Insight” study released by PayPal…

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ANZ Bank and Visa report that NFC powered mobile payments in Australia are not up to snuff

Australian Mobile commerce Trends

In early March, ANZ Bank, a major financial institution based in Australia, partnered with credit giant Visa launched a trial that would test the interest in NFC-based mobile payments in Australia. The trial area included Sydney and Melbourne, which had previously shown promising levels of interest in the technology. NFC chips were given to participants in the trial and enabled smart phones to interact with proximity card readers. Both ANZ Bank and Visa had high hopes that the trial would be a resounding success, but as the trial comes to…

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