Mobile commerce is loved by the Australian consumer

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The Christmas season has been defining for the use of smartphones and tablets by shoppers. According to the most recent statistics released by PayPal Australia, residents of the country have been using their smartphones and tablets for mobile commerce purposes in record breaking amounts throughout the holiday season. This December has become the holiday season with the most digitally connected Australians ever. The figures that have been released have indicated that 22 percent of people in Australia have Made at least one mobile commerce holiday season purchase. The estimates are…

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Mcommerce ranking from around the world places Australia in the lead

Australian Mobile commerce Trends

The country down under has made its way to the top of the mobile shopping world. Though there are many different ways to judge the success of mcommerce, particularly on a global scale, a recent analysis of worldwide shopping activity over smartphones was performed by Mobify, and it placed Australia at the top of its ranks. In that country, 47 percent of its online consumers use smartphones and tablets as a part of the process. The Mobify study included an analysis of the behaviors of 200 million online consumer, and…

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Mobile commerce inquiry held in Australia over apps

Mobile trends Commerce Apps on smartphone

An official investigation has been commissioned by the government’s Treasury. The Treasury of the Australian government has now launched an official mobile commerce inquiry into smartphone applications. David Bradbury, the assistant treasurer for the country is asking for the public’s help. As a part of this investigation, Bradbury is asking smartphone users to come forward and name some of the apps that they have used and that have brought about discontent. The purpose of the mobile commerce inquiry is to determine whether or not consumers are being adequately informed. This…

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