AR tech for anatomy students in Australia helps boost spatial awareness and accessibility

AR tech for anatomy students - mobile phone and stethoscope

La Trobe University in Australia is piloting AR and VR tech to help students learn about the body. La Trobe University is piloting AR tech for anatomy students that also includes VR tech. The Australian university announced that the pilot of the technology is being used to help increase spatial awareness, accessibility and explorative learning. The digital innovation provides students with around-the-clock access to 3D anatomy images. The augmented reality (AR) technology offers students 24-hour access to three-dimensional anatomy images via their phones, iPad or computers, according to La Trobe’s…

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News Corp. adopts augmented reality to engage Australian consumers

Virtual reality app

Interactive technology may be able to help the print industry appeal to a new generation Augmented reality has been causing a stir in the print industry, particularly among newspapers that are looking for a competitive edge to keep readers interested. News Corporation, one of the world’s largest news organizations and publisher of newspapers, has taken a keen interest in augmented reality recently. The company is not the first in its industry to make use of augmented reality and will not likely be the last as the technology allows newspapers to…

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