Augmented reality can be creepy with Horrible Hauntings

  The new release of the books is now using smartphones and tablets to enhance its Ghosts and Ghouls. Although books in the horror genre can be scary enough on their own, Goosebottom Books’ latest release of Horrible Hauntings has been enhanced with augmented reality in order to give the experience even more spine chilling flair. The legendary characters within its pages appear to come to life with its interactive features. The characters appear to move about in 3D, simply by using an augmented reality app on a smartphone or…

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Augmented reality study predicts billions of app downloads by 2017

Mobile Commerce sales

In 2013 alone, the study forecasts mcommerce revenue of $300 million from AR. A new report has been released to reveal the findings of a study about the use of augmented reality from now through 2017. What it revealed was that the technology is rapidly on the rise and that it has a great deal of potential. It predicted that by the year 2017, there will have been around 2.5 billion annual downloads of augmented reality applications on smartphones and tablets. Moreover, it also forecasted that it will generate revenue…

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