Realtors looking to augmented reality to further connection with consumers

Mobile Marketing for Realtors

In the U.S., the real estate industry has benefitted much from adopting mobile technology. A few years ago, realtors began utilizing data matrix codes known as QR codes. These codes enabled realtors to connect with potential home buyers without the need for physical presence. After seeing great success with the codes, some real estate companies are looking to further their use of mobile technology and have set their sights on augmented reality. At last week’s Real Estate Connect conference in New York, Claire Boonstra, co-founder of Layar, a leading augmented…

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Toyota uses augmented reality and QR codes for Corolla campaign

Toyota Augmented Reality QR codes

Toyota has been working with its Asian-American agency, interTrend, to create a mobile campaign for the Corolla using augmented reality and QR codes, based on Hatsune Miku, a computer-generated pop star. This campaign is designed to feature the car, but to introduce the virtual singer to the American marketplace. Beyond sponsoring a concert by Hatsune Miku in the United States, Toyota has also created a QR code-based mobile program that offers users an augmented reality experience that will encourage users to visit the social media properties and website for the…

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Metaio begins to bring more reality into augmented reality technology

Augmented Reality

German based augmented reality developer Metaio has been making strides in making the technology more realistic. The developer has a long history with augmented reality and believes the time is right for the digital world to adhere to the same laws of physics that govern the real one. To this end, Metaio has been working on incorporating gravity awareness and the ability to recognize 3D objects into their new programs. The goal is to put emphasis on the reality component of augmented reality. Though the technology has advanced at a…

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