Amazon augmented reality gives a high tech boost to its Apple app users

amazon augmented reality

The massive online marketplace introduced a new feature letting consumers visualize products in real life. This week, Amazon augmented reality found its start in the iOS version of the shopping app. The new feature is called AR View, and it gives shoppers the ability to visualize the products they’re considering for online purchase within a space in real life. The app, the phone camera and the display let consumers view the products as though they were in the room. So far, the Amazon augmented reality feature is available only in…

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Retail augmented reality marketing used to draw consumers

fashion retail augmented reality

A futuristic looking form of advertising is becoming increasingly common in the hopes of appealing to shoppers. A new form of retail augmented reality marketing is starting to pop up here and there across the United States. While it remains very limited in its use, a growing number of retailers are catching on. The appeal to shoppers is quite evident. The idea is to use this high tech design and sleek style to draw customers into brick and mortar stores. Among the companies using retail augmented reality technology to market…

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Augmented reality treasure hunt launched by Asda

halloween mobile technology

This is one of a number of different Halloween activities that have been rolled out by the company. Asda has announced the launch of its Halloween themed campaign, which is filled to the brim with various types of technology friendly activities, including an augmented reality treasure hunt. This is on top of is “grabber” machines in the style of a funfair that pump out “spooky eyeballs” The company is an online grocery chain that also retails general merchandise, clothing, financial services and toys, on top of its food offerings. The…

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Augmented reality is a growing part of the retail and travel experience

Augmented reality and technology Shopping trends

There have been a growing number of success stories that are encouraging companies to try more.   photo via A recent success story using augmented reality in China is having a growing number of airports adopt AR technology as a part of the high tech travel shopping experience around the world. Mobile commerce has become increasingly popular among travelers and commuters. It hasn’t just been limited to augmented reality. The Frankfurt Airport has used QR codes on a wall to give travelers the opportunity to use their smartphones to…

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Augmented reality shopping experience launched by IBM

augmented reality shopping assistant

The technology manufacturer has released the software to help consumers to discover the right products. A brand new smartphone app has just been launched which uses augmented reality to help provide shoppers with detailed information about the products that they see within physical stores, simply by aiming smartphones at the packages and viewing them through the screen. This software first became available in the United Kingdom and will soon be available in the United States. According to IBM Research project manager, Amnon Ribak, based in Haifa, Israel, this new application…

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Augmented reality stores fill the space in vacant lots

augmented reality grocery store supermarket

Empty urban spaces in China are being used by companies for mcommerce to enhance food sales. Augmented reality is being used in a unique way in China in order to help to transform vacant lots into a much more practical and usable space by taking advantage of the opportunity to sell groceries. These spaces are often a struggle for cities around the world, but technology could change that. While some cities deal with these empty spaces by allowing urban gardeners to practice their art, China is providing the largest food…

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Augmented reality to enter the e-commerce space

Mobile Shopping

New forms of commerce demand new technologies The world of commerce is beginning to shift. As mobile technology begins to play a bigger role in the lives of consumers all over the world, many are looking for ways to engage businesses through the use of their smart phones or similar devices. In the advent of NFC technology, mobile commerce began to gain traction with consumers. As the mobile commerce industry continues to grow, businesses are seeking out new ways to incorporate technology into the world of commerce as a whole.…

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Augmented reality shopping cited as a future trend by IBM Research

mobile shopping

IBM Research creates new application that could better facilitate augmented reality shopping IBM Research, the research and development arm of the IBM Corporation, believes that augmented reality shopping is the way of the future. Indeed, augmented reality has been becoming more popular among consumers, but this is primarily due to the technology’s use in the field of entertainment and marketing. As proof that augmented reality shopping will become a powerful trend in the retail industry, IBM has created a prototype mobile application that acts as a user’s personal assistant while…

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Tesco announces the trial use of AR technology

The Tesco retail giant company has announced that it is testing new augmented reality technology that permits the users of mobile devices to view 3D images of products online and in store before a purchase is made. Tesco’s trial augmented reality technology use will allow its shoppers to view three dimensional projections of products before they are purchased using a new system from Kishino, a company in the United Kingdom. The use of the technology involves scanning the product’s QR code using their mobile device’s webcam. The QR codes are…

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