Vuforia continues to gain the favor of app developers

vuforia augmented reality video

Qualcomm draws more attention to Vuforia platform Acclaimed technology developer Qualcomm has been showing off its latest software at its IQ event in Berlin, Germany. The company has been keen to draw attention to Vuforia, its take on augmented reality software for a mobile device. Qualcomm bills Vuforia as a sort of “digital eye” for a smart phone and claims that it can bring objects to life through the use of augmented reality. Though Vuforia is often considered a mobile application, Qualcomm notes that it is much more than that.…

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Waitrose partners with Blippar to bring augmented reality to online shopping

Waitrose Augmented Reality Marketing

Waitrose, a grocery retailer, has partnered with Blippar, makers of a powerful augmented reality platform of the same name, to launch a new campaign that aims to make purchasing groceries online more intuitive. Blippar is becoming a popular tool for retailers and other businesses because it allows them to engage consumers in a more dynamic manner by transforming static advertisements and printed materials into immersive 3D, virtual reality experiences. Waitrose recently launched a new 90-second commercial. Viewers with the Blippar mobile app were able to unlock exclusive content embedded within the…

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MediaCom looks to change the world of marketing with the help of augmented reality

Mobile Commerce News

Two influential media and technology companies are coming together to change the face of advertising campaigns coming from some of the world’s most recognizable brands. MediaCom, a leading media company, has announced its partnership with Aurasma, a leading augmented reality platform. The duo plan to revolutionize the marketing landscape through the use of augmented reality technology, which will transform static advertisements into dynamic experiences designed to ensnare the hearts and minds of consumers. Aurasma is a typical augmented reality platform available for iOS and Android smart phones. The program overlays…

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