Augmented reality photos come alive with a new HP experience

augmented reality greeting cards

The latest service from the company allows users to incorporate video into their still images. HP has just announced the release of its HP Live Photo service, which provides consumers with an entirely new and enhanced image printing experience through the use of printed photographs into which short video moments have been embedded. At the moment, this experience is available only to iPhone users, through a free app. The HP Live Photo App is currently designed exclusively for iPhones. It gives users the ability to create, share, and view images…

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Augmented reality come to Playboy magazine images

augmented reality playboy magazine

The Layer technology and AR app is designed to bring the pics to life. The Netherlands edition of Playboy magazine has just announced that it will be working with the Layar augmented reality app in order to give the print product a new and high tech twist. This new partnership between the two companies may mean that the AR features may become regular. The print magazine industry is a struggling one due to the drop in subscriptions and the increase in the number of people who prefer digital content. Playboy…

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