Augmented reality devices could save companies millions

augmented reality tech

Augmented reality devices could hold a great deal of economic promise Google Glass is often touted as a potentially powerful social networking and engagement tool due to its use of augmented reality. While such estimations may be accurate, Glass may also be a major boon for businesses. According to market research firm Gartner, Glass, and similar devices, could help businesses save $1 billion a year within the next five years. Augmented reality has a role to play in these savings as the technology unlocks new forms of communication. AR can…

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Augmented reality aids in successful surgery

mobile health Augmented Reality Health Industry

Surgical team leverages augmented reality for procedure A surgical team from the University of Alabama at Birmingham has successfully conducted their first procedure using augmented reality and Google Glass. The augmented reality software used by the team was developed at the university itself and is called Virtual Interactive Presence in Augmented Reality (VIPAAR). The technology is designed for real time, two way communication, but the surgical team has shown that it can be used for much more than that. AR is becoming more practical The practicality of augmented reality is…

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Mobile augmented reality may have a bright future

augmented reality future

Augmented reality could play a major role in the lives of consumers in the future Augmented reality is beginning to gain strong momentum throughout the world. The technology is often considered a novelty by many because of its uses in marketing and entertainment. Indeed, there are currently few practical uses for augmented reality, but that is likely to change in the near future, especially as mobile technology continues to grow more advanced. Juniper Research, a leading market research firm, has released a new report shedding light on the growth of…

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Augmented reality game from Google to leave beta soon

augmented reality ingress mobile game

Ingress has already become very popular and it will experience its official launch on December 14. The augmented reality game called Ingress, from Niantic Labs at Google has been available to mobile gamers in the beta form for just over a year, during which time it has become quite popular. Last Friday, the game eliminated its requirement for invitations in order to add players. Now, Niantic has revealed that this augmented reality game will lose its beta status and move on as a full scale experience on December 14, 2013.…

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Google ups production on augmented reality glasses

Google glass augmented reality glasses wearable technology

Augmented reality glasses gain momentum Google has been working to generate hype around its augmented reality glasses, called Glass, for some time. The company has high hopes for the product, believing that it will become a powerful social media tool and help people see the world in a new way with the help of augmented reality technology. Despite some initial uncertainty regarding the features of Glass, the augmented reality glasses have managed to win a great deal of interest among a wide range of people. Production for Glass is on…

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