Vuzix makes augmented reality eyewear more practical

Vuzix Augmented Reality Glasses

Company unveils new AR glasses Vuzix, a company specializing in high-tech eyewear, has unveiled its new pair of augmented reality glasses. AR glasses are becoming quite popular in the technology field, especially as the capabilities of augmented reality become better understood. The technology has attracted significant interest from certain industries, such as construction and health care, because of how it can be used in a practical sense. Indeed, the practicality of AR is one of the things that Vuzix is promoting for its new high-tech eyewear. New glasses designed to…

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Global augmented reality market shows promise

augmented reality video

AR market set for strong growth Augmented reality is showing impressive growth around the world, especially as both companies and consumers begin to form a better understanding of the technology’s capabilities and current boundaries. The technology has begun having a major influence on the game industry as well as well as many others and the demand for AR platforms and services has been rising rapidly over the past several years. TechNavio, a provider of market research reports, has published a new study concerning the promise that can be seen in…

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Augmented reality art coming to Sacramento

Augmented reality in art

Collaboration seeks to put a high-tech twist on art The Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission, Sacramento State University, and the Greater Broadway Partnership District, have joined together to launch an ambitious projects that seeks to combine technology and art. These organizations have provided a $20,000 grant to 11 artists from throughout the country. These artists are coming to Sacramento, California, in order to create public art using augmented reality technology. This art will be found on the city’s Broadway corridor, which has long been home to various art projects, independent and…

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Apple begins approaching augmented reality

apple event mobile iPhones

Acquisition could have implications for Apple’s interest in AR Apple may have taken a major step toward augmented reality with its most recent acquisition. The technology giant has successfully finalized a deal to acquire PrimeSense, a developer of 3D motion detection technology based in Israel. Apple has issued a standard statement concerning the acquisition, noting that it does purchase smaller companies from time to time but does not comment on the purpose behind such acquisitions or what such deals could mean for the future. Apple and AR are not strangers…

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Google launches dev kit for augmented reality glasses

Augmented Reality Glasses - AR and Education

Augmented reality glasses now support their own development kit Google has launched a “sneak peak” of its Glass Development Kit, which will allow developers to make native applications for the company’s augmented reality glasses. Glass has managed to accrue a significant amount of attention from developers interested in pushing the limits of mobile technology and augmented reality. The development kit will make this possible and help developer form a better understanding of the capabilities of Glass. Developers can now create native applications for Glass Glass is based on a relatively…

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