Augmented reality transforms pizza boxes into video games

augmented reality hell pizza box

A New Zealand pizza chain is giving customers the opportunity to use their mobile devices for an enhanced experience. Hell Pizza, a chain of restaurants in New Zealand, has decided that the box in which their product is delivered is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of what augmented reality has to offer, so that its customers can enjoy an enhanced experience through images that appear to come to life in a video game. To take advantage of this AR technology, customers simply need a smartphone and a pizza box.…

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The value of mobile marketing

mobile marketing tips

Mobile marketing is beginning to play a bigger role in the world The world is growing increasingly reliant on mobile technology. The advent of smartphones and tablets has opened up new possibilities in shopping and interaction for millions of people around the world. This technology has led to the emergence of mobile commerce and the expanded availability of mobile Internet access. Society is quickly becoming reliant on mobile technology and there are no signs of this changing in the foreseeable future. As such, businesses that are not able to adapt…

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Augmented reality presents growing opportunity for app companies

Augmented Reality apps

These applications provide considerable opportunities in areas such as animations, videos, and 3d models. Retailers and other consumer focused businesses are placing an increasing focus on augmented reality, to be able to provide shoppers with an enhanced overall product and brand discovery and interaction experience. This has caused the makers of apps that use this technology to experience a tremendous sudden growth. Even the smallest augmented reality startups are finding that their business is doubling, tripling, or quadrupling throughout this year, due to the rising interest from large brands. This…

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Augmented reality treasure hunt launched by Asda

halloween mobile technology

This is one of a number of different Halloween activities that have been rolled out by the company. Asda has announced the launch of its Halloween themed campaign, which is filled to the brim with various types of technology friendly activities, including an augmented reality treasure hunt. This is on top of is “grabber” machines in the style of a funfair that pump out “spooky eyeballs” The company is an online grocery chain that also retails general merchandise, clothing, financial services and toys, on top of its food offerings. The…

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Augmented reality modernizes marketing in the auto industry

Augmented Reality car

Automakers turn to augmented reality to engage consumers As consumers around the world become more reliant on mobile technology, advertisers have been forced to adapt to this trend or risk being left behind. The demand for dynamic marketing is on the rise and advertisers may be able to meet this demand with the help of augmented reality. The technology has won favor from consumers around the world because of its interactive nature. Now, the auto industry is showing strong interest in this technology to market to consumers in a new…

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