Augmented reality motorcycle helmet now available to buy from Skully

skully augmented reality helmet

This long awaited AR wearable technology device can now be preordered by the first who will use it. Skully has now announced that it is taking preorders for its motorcycle helmet called the AR-1, which brings augmented reality into a heads up display so that the wearer will be able to take advantage of driving directions, speed data, incoming calls from a smartphone, and many other features. The information from these features is displayed in the helmet, appearing to be about 10 feet ahead. The types of alerts that are…

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Wearable tech award won by Skully at SXSW

Skully motorcycle helmet wearable tech

This “smart helmet” startup was the winner at the competition at this year’s South by Southwest Interactive festival. Skully has already been making technology news headlines with its augmented reality motorcycle helmets, but now they have been boosting their recognition after having been named the best wearable tech company at the SXSW festival. This smart helmet managed to win above 47 other competitors in the six award categories. Aside from wearable tech, the other categories were health, entertainment/content, social, enterprise/big data, and innovative world technologies. Each category was narrowed down…

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Augmented reality helmet beta testers sought by Skully

Skully augmented reality helmets

The AR-1 heads up display of real time info is projected as an overlay on top of the view of the real world. Skully has come up with its AR-1 heads up display augmented reality helmet in order to help to decrease the amount of distraction that is experienced by motorcycle drivers while they’re on the road and they’re now looking for beta testers to help them to give the product more polish based on the use of real people in actual situations. The voice controlled heads-up display (HUD) provides…

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Augmented reality helmet developed by LiveMap

augmented reality motorcycle helmet graphic qr codes

LiveMap brings augmented reality to motorcycles Augmented reality is gaining momentum in the auto industry, but most automakers are interested in using the technology for their sedans and similar vehicles. A company called LiveMap is working to bring augmented reality to the world of motorcycles. The company has developed a motorcycle helmet that is designed to leverage the capabilities of augmented reality in order to enhance the driving experience. The helmet’s AR system is meant to minimize distraction in order to ensure safe driving as well. Helmet leverages AR for its…

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Augmented reality helmet designed by LiveMap for motorcycle riders

augmented reality Technology

The concept is somewhat similar to the glasses that are becoming popular, only in the form of headgear. While Google Glass has been one of the augmented reality products receiving the greatest amount of attention, this likely isn’t what is catching the attention of tech savvy motorcycle riders at the moment. A motorcycle helmet has now been developed to make useful digital images visible to riders. As the rider speeds down a highway wearing the augmented reality helmet, directions are superimposed over the real world right in front of his…

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Vuzix to develop new head mounted augmented reality eyewear for the U.S. military

This is not a Vuzix helmet - This is a helmet mounted cueing system

Vuzix, a manufacturer of augmented reality devices, has announced a new project that will bring the technology to the U.S. military. The project concerns a head-mounted device based upon the company’s Smart Glasses products. Smart Glasses are specialized eyewear that contains augmented reality technology. These devices are made for the general public to enhance their day-to-day lives, but Vuzix believes that augmented reality can take the nation’s soldiers to the next level of performance and, perhaps, make them safer in the field. As opposed to the eyewear that Vuzix has…

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Augmented reality helmet could set the standard for more practical uses of the technology

Augmented reality continues to generate a fair amount of buzz for its uses in entertainment and advertising, but the practical uses of the technology are beginning to garner more attention. Scientists and electronic engineers have long theorized that the technology could be used to restore sight to the blind or help people with sensory disabilities experience the world in a new way. Tackling such problems is a lofty goal, however, and some believe that more can be learned by utilizing the technology to solve more mundane problems. Maxence Parache, a…

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