Augmented reality and virtual reality market growth will be astoundingly fast

virtual reality market

A new report showed it will see a CAGR of 63.2 percent between this year and 2025. The “Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) Market to 2025 – Global Analysis and Forecast by Technology, Components, and End-user Industry” results have been released. This virtual reality market and augmented reality marketplace research showed massive growth from this year through 2025. In fact, it estimated that those markets would reach $130.01 billion by 2025. Comparatively, they were estimated to have been worth $4.25 billion last year. The report also included a…

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Augmented reality presents growing opportunity for app companies

Augmented Reality apps

These applications provide considerable opportunities in areas such as animations, videos, and 3d models. Retailers and other consumer focused businesses are placing an increasing focus on augmented reality, to be able to provide shoppers with an enhanced overall product and brand discovery and interaction experience. This has caused the makers of apps that use this technology to experience a tremendous sudden growth. Even the smallest augmented reality startups are finding that their business is doubling, tripling, or quadrupling throughout this year, due to the rising interest from large brands. This…

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AR has promise but consumers are slow to warm to the technology

Augmented Reality Marketing

The global reception of augmented reality mobile apps has fallen short of expectations, according to Juniper Research, a renowned marketing and technology research firm. The industry may still be in its infancy, but many big-name companies have backed AR technology as a new way to engage consumers. According to researchers, this may be due to the relatively low level of understanding from both companies and consumers regarding how augmented reality works. Windsor Holden, a principal analyst with Juniper Research, points out that the capabilities of augmented reality far surpass those…

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