Augmented reality glasses allow people blind in one eye to experience binocular vision

Google glass augmented reality glasses wearable technology

Depth perception becomes possible using AR technology among individuals with single eye blindness. New software that has been implemented into augmented reality goggles that has allowed individuals with one eye to experience depth perception by projecting the additional images for the healthy eye. This provides the wearer of the AR glasses with an enhanced perception of depth. Being able to judge three dimensional distances has, until now, been a capability that has been limited to individuals who have two functioning eyes. This helps people to be able to judge the…

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Augmented reality ski goggles will take the slopes to a whole new level

Oakley has just released its new Airwave product to give skiers and snowboarders a new real time experience. Sports equipment manufacturing giant, Oakley, has now taken its first steps into the augmented reality universe as it has just announced the release of its new “Airwave” ski and snowboarding goggles that will provide users with up to the minute information statistics about their downhill experience, including altitude and speed. Additional features include the “buddy finder” and “jump analytics” software. These will help the skier and snowboarder to better understand their performance,…

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NASA looks to make aviation safer with new pair of augmented reality glasses

Military training with augmented reality

NASA announced this week that it is developing a pair of augmented reality glasses. The agency joins a number of companies looking to use the technology in the same way, including Google. Unlike its potential competitors, the agency will not be developing these glasses for a commercial market. Instead, the glasses will be available to pilots and those in the aviation industry. They are being designed to prevent the most dangerous hazards pilots face when landing and taking to the air. Fog is a very common and significant threat in…

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Aurasma augments the real world with real-time web updates

Barcelona, Spain: Aurasma, the world’s leading augmented reality platform, has announced at Mobile World Congress (MWC 12) a new feature that enables the real world to be merged with live, dynamic web updates. This announcement follows hot on the heels of Aurasma’s launch of its 3D engine at CES 12, since rolled out by commercial partners including Bandai – one of the world’s largest toy manufacturers. The new feature, powered by HTML5, allows partners to deliver live web updates augmented into the real world. When viewed with Aurasma, print, products…

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*Video demonstrates how Blippar and augmented reality works. New service enables m-commerce through augmented reality technology – Follows successful trials with major brands including Tesco, Aer Lingus, Clinique and IPC Media 27th February 2012: Blippar is announcing the launch of a major new service, called Blipp to Buy, for brands and media owners that want to use its image recognition platform. Blipp to Buy is a whole new way for brands to diversify their revenue streams and capitalize on the potential of mobile commerce via image recognition and augmented reality…

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