Massive growth expected for augmented reality market

smartphone Google augmented reality

A recent report has released a prediction that says that a CAGR of 88.5 percent can be expected. The augmented reality marketplace in 2015 is now in the spotlight as researchers have been examining its progress and have determined that there is a great deal of growth currently occurring and that is still on the way. This includes the entire AR technology industry, from software to hardware like smartglasses and HUD/HMDs. The report was entitled “Global Augmented Reality Market 2015-2019”, by Infiniti Research Limited. It involved an analysis of data…

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Augmented reality could become a virtual diet pill

Google glass augmented reality glasses wearable technology

Google glasses may be able to trick dieters into consuming less food by making meals look bigger. New research has suggested that augmented reality headsets, such as Google Glass, may be able to function as a kind of digital diet pill that will alter the dieter’s perception to make it seem as though a smaller meal is actually larger than it is. A Japanese team looked into the way this relatively simple trick of AR can impact the amount consumed. In fact, the research team in Japan found that by…

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Augmented reality glasses from Germany place the eyes in control

Fraunhofer augmented reality glasses hands free

The display is controlled by the movements of the wearer’s eyes. A new display device which has been compared to Google Glasses has brought augmented reality to a whole new level, as the act of selecting options and turning pages no longer needs to be performed using the hands. Now, it is the eyes that are in control of the display when using these futuristic glasses The design of the device completely frees up the hands of the wearer by allowing him or her to view instruction manuals, read books,…

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