Wearable technology hits the Toronto Men’s Fashion Week runways

wearable technology fashion

Geek chic continues to bring tech to the haute couture world and it is now soaring to new heights. Wearable technology has already been taking off in the sports world with fitness trackers and wristbands selling very quickly, but other forms of wearables have had a hard time making their way into the mainstream as they have not been seen as appealing or stylish. The Toronto Men’s Fashion Show and Wearables Toronto may be helping to change that perspective. While wearing his tangerine Google Glass, Tom Emrich from Wearables Toronto…

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Zappar releases cool t shirts with interactive features

Zappar Powered T-shirt Promo Video from Zappar on Vimeo. Augmented reality app brings tees to life. Zappar has now announced the availability of its cool t shirts with augmented reality (AR) technology, which brings the virtual and physical worlds together and brings these products to the forefront of high tech clothing, creating their own form of entertainment channels. This application gives consumers access to a whole new experience with the brands they love. The Zappar App, which is compatible with both iPhone and Android smartphones, lets consumers, companies, and brands,…

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Augmented reality bridges the gap between the digital and physical worlds through new clothing line

Augmented reality has been creeping ever so slowly into the fashion world. Earlier this year, British retailer Topshop introduced a virtual fitting room that made use of the technology. This idea has spread to other retailers and is fast becoming one of the more alluring novelties to come to the world of retail fashion. AR fitting rooms are relatively easy to set up as they are run on Microsoft’s Kinect platform. A new clothing line is emerging, however, that seeks to inject augmented reality into the clothing itself, allowing wearers…

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