Augmented reality catches the attention of Intel

Intel mobile security software

Intel begins to show more interest in augmented reality technology Intel, acclaimed maker of semiconductor computer chips, is accustomed to stepping outside of the boundaries of convention when it comes to developing innovative technologies. The company has long been on the cutting edge of technological progress with its wide range of products. Earlier this year, the company began showing interest in NFC technology for a new line of computer chips. These chips would have enabled any electronic device they were installed in to communicate wirelessly with other devices. Now, Intel…

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Sony highlights the importance of advances in augmented reality technology for chip makers

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is gaining momentum with computer chip makers around the world. Intel is one of the companies currently working on a new generation of chipsets that make use of the technology, but claims that its efforts are years away from coming to fruition. Sony Computer Entertainment (SOE), a large game development corporation, has also shown interest in augmented reality. SOE has released a statement to chip makers concerning the technology, outlining the importance of image and gesture recognition as well as a high-level immersion. SOE is one of several…

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