Augmented reality glasses adds Baidu to the competition

augmented reality

The search engine giant from China has revealed that it is looking to try to rival Google. The largest search engine service in China has revealed that it is currently testing “Baidu Eye”, its own version of augmented reality glasses, with which it is hoping to compete with Google, one of the current leaders in the industry. Though the tests are currently being performed, it’s not yet known when this could be commercially available. The Baidu Eye augmented reality glasses are undergoing tests, but the company hasn’t revealed when, or…

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Augmented reality stores fill the space in vacant lots

augmented reality grocery store supermarket

Empty urban spaces in China are being used by companies for mcommerce to enhance food sales. Augmented reality is being used in a unique way in China in order to help to transform vacant lots into a much more practical and usable space by taking advantage of the opportunity to sell groceries. These spaces are often a struggle for cities around the world, but technology could change that. While some cities deal with these empty spaces by allowing urban gardeners to practice their art, China is providing the largest food…

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