McDonald’s launches new augmented reality campaign

McDonald's augmented reality

McDonald’s teams with Metaio to launch augmented reality initiative Fast-food giant McDonald’s has been making an aggressive push into the mobile space. The company has fashioned many of its campaigns to be accommodating to mobile consumers and has even tested NFC-based mobile payments this year. Now, McDonald’s has set its sights on augmented reality. The company has teamed with AR pioneer Metaio to develop a new campaign. This campaign will not be focused on marketing the company’s products, however, as it is meant to raise awareness about the environment. Campaign…

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Augmented reality blends with politics

Augmented Reality Technology

Politics begins to mesh with technology in the form of augmented reality postcards Augmented reality has broken into the world of politics. Mayor Jim Ronecker of Oldsmar, Florida, recently printed thousands of postcards to show his support for the Republican Party in the coming election. Normally, such actions are par for the course during an election year, but these postcards were very different than those used in the past for the same purpose. Mayor Ronecker’s postcards were embedded with augmented reality experiences that could be unlocked using a smart phone.…

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Universal Pictures brings characters to life with augmented reality

augmented reality video

Studio teams with Aurasma and HMV Group Universal Pictures has begun celebrating its 100th anniversary this month. The prestigious film studio has partnered with Aurasma, a leading developer of augmented reality, to ensure that everyone has a reason to remember the occasion. In the United Kingdom, the studio has launched a new initiative to bring some of its most iconic movie characters to life. The studio has teamed with the HMV Group, a retail corporation headquartered in the UK, and the movie characters will appear at the company’s flagship store…

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A virtual fitting room…Genius!

Topshop Mobile Advertising

The Microsoft Kinect, a camera peripheral for the Xbox 360 console that allows people to play games without a controller, has been put to work in Russia by clothing retailer Topshop. The Kinect has garnered acclaim since its release in November of last year for its affinity for augmented reality. Topshop is taking advantage of the platforms capabilities by using it as an AR fitting room, allowing customers to try clothes on without trying them on. The Kinect is part of a virtual system in the retailer’s most popular store…

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