Infinity Augmented Reality developing new system designed specifically for events

augmented reality humanoid robot

Augmented reality to be used to experience events from afar As technology becomes more advanced, new ways to use augmented reality are being discovered. Infinity Augmented Reality, a company devoted to its namesake, has begun developing a new augmented reality system that is meant to allow people to experience events without actually having to attend the event in person. This is to be done through the creation of an immersive system that can surround a user with interactive digital displays. This system is being called the 360-Degree AR Platform. System…

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Levity Novelty pushes the boundaries of augmented reality

augmented reality app

New augmented reality application launched by Levity Novelty Levity Novelty, an iOS applications developer, has launched a new augmented reality application called Invisibility 3D. The application is designed to push the boundaries of augmented reality technology by focusing on a user’s perception rather than just the capabilities of the technology itself. Augmented reality is typically used as an entertainment tool or marketing gimmick, but the technology has been receiving more attention from ambitious developers that believe it has more potential. New application aims to change the way people see the…

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Augmented reality catches the eye of Anahata Technologies

augmented reality marketing

Anahata Technologies to begin examining augmented reality Anahata Technologies, an Australian company that specializes in software development, has announced that it is beginning to pursue augmented reality technology. The technology has been gaining a great deal of attention recently, largely due to its interactivity. Augmented reality is often used in entertainment and marketing to engage tech-savvy consumers, and Anahata Technologies believes that augmented reality is perfect for mobile applications. The company has plans to examine the capabilities of the technology in order to determine how it can be used to…

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Augmented reality may have a role to play in mobile commerce

Mobile Commerce

Future of mobile commerce may be influenced by augmented reality Mobile commerce is becoming a very big deal among consumers. More people are beginning to demand the ability to shop and purchase products from their mobile devices, and these devices are becoming increasingly useful product research tools for many consumers. As mobile shopping becomes more prominent, the capabilities of interactive technologies are getting more attention, as is the case with augmented reality. Augmented reality is beginning to play a major role in the way people shop for products online using…

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Layar blends augmented reality with QR codes

Smartphone scanning QR codes

Layar introduces update to augmented reality application Layar is a leading name when it comes to augmented reality. The company’s Layar App is used by tens of thousands of people all over the world to engage in interactive digital content and Layar has helped many of the world’s largest companies integrate augmented reality into their marketing campaigns. This week, Layar introduced a new update to its popular mobile application, which equipped the app with the unexpected capability to scan QR codes. Layar has no intention of killing QR codes QR…

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