Augmented reality from Fisher-Price converts iPads into children’s toys

augmented reality mobile gaming

The technology has been applied to the latest app for change the way that children experience the world. Fisher-Price, always a leader in children’s toys, has now released an app that has allowed them to use augmented reality to keep up with the very latest in cutting edge mobile technology to appeal to tech savvy kids and parents. The new Apptivity set line from the toy manufacturer is geared specifically toward preschoolers. The app is designed to be child safe, so that kids can use it without being able to…

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Times Internet Alive application reaches 250,000 downloads at launch

Augmented Reality app

Times Internet uses augmented reality to engage consumers Time Internet Ltd., the digital media branch of Bennett, Coleman & Co., recently launched its Alive augmented reality application. The application is meant to bring more dynamic content to the company‘s print media. According to Times Internet, the application was downloaded 250,000 times on the very first day of its launch, making Alive one of the more successful augmented reality applications currently on the market. The successful launch of the Alive application may provide further evidence that augmented reality has the capability…

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Augmented reality for vehicle safety

augmented reality in cars

Augmented reality gaining traction in the auto industry Augmented reality is a dynamic technology with vast potential. The technology is most often used in marketing and entertainment, providing consumers with access to digital content that can be superimposed over the real world. Consumers have praised augmented reality for the engagement it can offer and this has encouraged marketers and those in the entertainment industry to put more focus on the technology. Augmented reality can be used for much more, however, and may soon become one of the best safety features…

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Augmented reality application from Amazon boosts live scanning capabilities

Amazon mobile commerce

The Flow AR app for Android devices provides the ability for multiple products and text to be scanned. Amazon’s Flow augmented reality app functions by hovering the mobile device camera feature over a product, such as a Blu-ray or a book, so that the online retailer can retrieve that item’s information. The A9 subsidiary of Amazon has said that the new Android version of flow has much greater capabilities. For example, its augmented reality app version is based on a much faster system that is capable of scanning several items…

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Augmented reality campaign unveiled by Pizza Hut Middle East

Mobile Commerce pizza

The fast food chain has launched a new app that takes advantage of AR technology. Pizza Hut Middle East has just announced the launch of the first augmented reality mobile app in the region’s Quick Service Restaurant industry, in order to help spread the word about the company’s Family Box, while targeting a youthful and tech savvy market. The app has been created through the use of Ogle technology, which has been making mcommerce news. That company just announced its own launch at the GITEX 2012 in Dubai. That consumer…

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