Hipcricket mobile marketing breaks 200,000 mark in the industry

Hipcricket mobile marketing breaks 200,000

Its campaign growth, quarter over quarter, has now reached a 52 percent. Hipcricket, an industry leader in mobile marketing and a subsidiary of Augme Technologies Inc., has just announced that it has broken the 200,000 mark for its campaigns. This holds it in the top position in the industry within this central metric. By May 31, 2012, it had completed over 27,000 in that quarter alone and showed a growth of 52 percent over the campaigns from the previous quarter. Among the company’s 27,000 campaign that had been completed during…

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Mobile Marketer gives Hipcricket top service provider title

Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketer, one of the top news organizations in mobile media, marketing, and commerce, has honored Hipcricket – a company from Augme Technologies, Inc., by naming it the 2011 “Mobile Service Provider of the Year.” Every year, the Mobile Marketer publication hands out its annual awards to organizations that have shown “outstanding work that moved the mobile needle for brands and marketers.” Also recognized by the publication this year, was a client of Hipcricket, Macy’s. It was named the “Mobile Marketer of the Year” for 2011. Mobile Marketer applauded Hipcricket…

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Hipcricket receives honor of North American Customer Value Enhancement Award

Mobile Marketing Industry

Hipcricket, a leader in mobile marketing and advertising and company owned by Augme Technologies, Inc., has, according to Frost & Sullivan come into its own as the top American provider of solutions for high-impact mobile marketing. As it has recently been purchased by Augme Technologies, it is predicted that Hipcricket will consolidate the position of the company even further into the industry as a true powerhouse. Frost & Sullivan made these statements about Hipcricket after presenting it with the North American Customer Value Enhancement Award. This award is presented annually…

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