New Augmented Reality Applications in the Pipeline

With technology improving daily, mobile phones and netbooks are quickly evolving into more than just a “personal assistant” type of apparatus. The applications have become far more personalized for individual needs and now there is something new to add into the mix. Augmented Reality applications may just push us into the next phase of becoming ‘one’ with our mobile devices.  The new generation devices of iPhone/iPad, and Android, have been able to integrate a few augmented applications that react and respond in a believable manner. Augmented Reality joins the digital…

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QR vs. AR: Let’s get ready to RUMBLE!

An Example of Augmented Reality Capabilities with a Wikitude App

QR codes have seen a string of unabashed successes in the U.S. and other nations with relatively no competition. With their ease of use, quick implementation and cost-effectiveness, there seems to be no viable alternative in the mobile technology sector. The main competitor, however, may be laying in wait as QR codes begin to see a growing trend of people shying away from them. Though smart phone usage is expected to make tremendous leaps this year, some are still weary of using scanners to interact with the 2d barcode. While…

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