Mhealth experts sought for AT&T autism app

Mhealth Google Glass app for autism - QR Codes

The telecommunications giant is seeking to mine creative talent to bring mobile and awareness together. According to AT&T, it is working to use the best creative autism community mhealth talent in order to be able to develop an app that will be able to provide considerable assistance to individuals with the condition. There are many different efforts being made by the company to help to obtain the best ideas. It launched with what it called a “hackathon”, which occurred last Friday in San Francisco’s downtown area. They called it the…

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Mhealth solution introduced to ERs by AT&T

mhealth apps mobile technology

The telecommunication company is aiming to make it easier for emergency care personnel to communicate. AT&T has just announced its intention to make communication easier and more available in emergency care situations through a new mhealth program that it has developed. It is being called the Mobile Personal Emergency Response System (mPERS) Solution. What the program is meant to do is replace the limitation that many people have in communicating with emergency assistance. For instance, at the moment, one of the only options available to an elderly person who is…

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