Researchers use phone NFC technology to hack ATMs

NFC technology - person using ATM

A security firm consultant also used card reader tech flaws to mess around with point-of-sale systems. Security issues with ATMs aren’t anything new for cybercriminals and security researchers, but recently readily available phone NFC technology was used to hack into an ATM. The researcher found bugs letting him use near field communication technology as a quick hack. The bugs in the systems let the researcher use his phone’s NFC technology to simply wave the device over ATMs and point-of-sale terminals to hack them. By using the contactless credit card readers…

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QR codes and smartphones to help protect credit card data

ATM mobile payments qr code integration

A new system will use these technologies in an effort to block card skimming practices. A new system has now been developed using QR codes and smartphones to help to overcome the current problem being faced by skimming devices that can read credit card numbers as a consumer makes a purchase at a vending machine or other kind of automated kiosk. The goal is to try to use technology commonly carried by consumers in order to overcome this type of theft. The U.S. BMO Harris Bank recently launched its own…

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