Mobile commerce market is showing healthy signs of life in Asia

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Mobile apps are beginning to embrace the concept of processing mobile payments Mobile commerce is heating up throughout Asia. People are adopting smartphones and tablets at a rapid rate and they are beginning to demand more mobile-centric services from the companies that they support. These companies are answering this demand by introducing new features to their well used mobile applications. A growing number of mobile apps, that had once been little more than social media tools, are now becoming mobile commerce platforms. KakaoTalk is planning to facilitate mobile payments beginning…

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Mobile commerce market to reach new heights in 2019

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Mobile technology is playing a larger, more dominating role in society as a whole Mobile commerce continues to gain momentum throughout the world as society becomes more reliant on mobile technology. Consumers around the world are beginning to use their smartphones for nearly everything in their daily lives and new generations are coming up steeped in technology of all kinds. This is promising for the mobile commerce market as smartphones are having a sort of revolutionary effect on global economics as well as how people interact with one another and…

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Report highlights trends affecting mobile commerce

mobile commerce trends

Mobile devices are becoming more abundant, opening the way for a new kind of commerce Market research organization yStats has released a new report concerning the major trends affecting mobile commerce. The report notes that mobile shopping has become quite popular throughout the world, and this may be largely due to the growing penetration of mobile devices. Smartphones and tablets are becoming more plentiful and readily available to a wide range of consumers. As more people adopt mobile technology, they are looking for things they can do exclusively from their…

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Mobile payments see strong growth in China

NFC tags technology

Mobile payments are taking Asia by storm Mobile payments have been growing more common throughout Asia. More consumers are purchasing smartphones and tablets and opening themselves up to new forms of commerce that had been largely restricted to stationary computers in the past. As mobile payments become more prolific, the need for an infrastructure capable of fostering their continued growth and convenience is becoming more realized. China’s Kainan University is poised to address this issue with a focus on NFC technology. University plans to support the growth of mobile commerce…

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Mobile commerce is taking off in South Africa, says InMobi research

Global mobile technology trends network

InMobi, an independent mobile ad network, has released the results of their latest research which has shown that mobile marketing and mobile commerce are both demonstrating indications of record growth across both the Asian Pacific and in Africa. The report released from InMobi regarding this study stated that there was an increase of over 10 percent in the Asian Pacific within the last three months, which has brought the number of impressions to 18 billion. Even greater was the growth in Africa, which was at 21 percent, having grown to…

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