Mobile commerce is growing aggressively in Vietnam

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Google reports that mobile payments have become a powerful force in Vietnam due to smartphones ownership Mobile commerce is exploding in Vietnam, according to a new report from Google. The company’s Vietnamese branch has found that there is a major shift in consumer behavior due to the growing availability of mobile devices. According to the report,  mobile consumers in the country pick up and look at their devices an average of 150 times a day, or more than 10 times every hour. Notably, these consumers are becoming more interested in…

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Global mobile commerce market is showing healthy signs of growth

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Cirteo report highlights the rise of mobile commerce throughout the world The mobile commerce market is growing quickly throughout the world. Globally, retailers are becoming more mobile-centric, taking note of growing smartphone penetration and the increasing demand for mobile services that allow consumers to shop from their devices. A new study from Criteo shows that the state of the global mobile commerce market is quite healthy, with mobile driving aggressive growth in the e-commerce space as well. Notably, mobile shopping is growing most in Asia, where smartphone penetration is accelerating.…

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Global mobile commerce market to boom in the next three years

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Report predicts that mobile commerce market will reach $850 billion by 2018 A new report from Digi-Capital predicts that the global mobile commerce market will explode to $850 billion by 2018. Asia is expected to become a prominent player in the market, accounting for nearly half of the predicted mobile revenue that will be generated within the eastern region. Growing smartphone ownership is contributing to the growth of the mobile commerce market. Consumers are becoming comfortable with the idea of shopping for and purchasing products with their mobile devices, which…

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Consumers are embracing mobile commerce

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MasterCard finds that more consumers around the world are showing favor for mobile commerce MasterCard has found that fears regarding mobile commerce security may be diminishing among consumers, especially those in Asian countries. According to a recent study from the company, which was developed in partnership with PRIME Research, more consumers are talking about mobile payments. The study tracked 19.1 million social media posts across prominent platforms throughout the world, finding that consumers, and merchants, are talking about how convenient and interesting mobile commerce actually is. Study highlights the improving…

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Messaging apps may revolutionize mobile commerce

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Future of mobile shopping and payments may lie with messaging apps Mobile messaging applications may be the future of mobile commerce. A growing number of these apps are being released and many of them are being designed with mobile payments in mind. In some cases, these apps are meant to make mobile shopping more social, allowing users to share their purchases with those they have on their contact lists. Most of these apps simply aim to satisfy the demand coming from consumers who want their applications to do more than…

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