APAC mobile shopping spend is through the roof in 2017

mobile commerce forecast

Research shows many consumers in Asian countries enjoy m-commerce as a favorite pastime. The APAC mobile shopping trends are moving more quickly than pretty much anywhere else in the world. Mobile commerce has become a regular part of everyday life in many of those countries. In fact, shopping via smartphone has become a favorite pastime for many people. Some consumers within the region would even go so far as to say that m-commerce is indispensable. This consumer sentiment toward m-commerce helps to explain why APAC mobile shopping is taking off…

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Asian marketers are getting the most out of SMS techniques

Asia Mobile Marketing

Though there are many different mobile marketing techniques being used throughout Asia, from games to apps, it is SMS that is reaching virtually every person with a cell phone, regardless of the model. Some experts are starting to think that brands in the west can learn from this lesson when they launch their Asian mobile marketing campaigns. For example, director of international media Gavin Mehrotra, from Coca Cola Company stated at the MMA Forum in Singapore,that the top priority for mobile at Coca Cola is SMS, as its reception from…

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