Chunghwa Telecom plans new mobile payments initiative

NFC Mobile Payments System

Mobile payments are gaining ground throughout Asia Taiwanese telecommunications company Chunghwa Telecom has been showing some strong interest in mobile commerce lately. The company, like many others in its industry, has been taking note of the growing popularity of mobile commerce throughout Asia. Mobile payments are gaining ground as mobile devices become more readily available to a broader range of consumers throughout Asia. Chunghwa believes that the time is right to establish itself in the mobile commerce field and has targeted both QR codes and NFC technology in order to…

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Mobile payments standard for China expected in 2013

Mobile Payments

The guidelines are expected to be released as early as this year, as they have already been created. A recent report from Marbridge Daily has revealed that China will soon be announcing a national mobile payments standard specification which has been long awaited in that country, just as other nations are awaiting their own. This is meant to help to provide the industry with the guidance it needs to move forward with greater confidence. The report stated that the mobile payments standard has already been drafted and that it is…

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