US is lagging behind in mobile commerce

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Mobile payments are still quite new in the U.S. The United States is falling behind when it comes to mobile commerce. Over the past few weeks, the mobile world has been abuzz with favor for the new Apple Pay service. the service represents Apple’s first official step into the mobile commerce arena, but excitement concerning the new platform seems to be contained to within the U.S. Apple Pay is nothing new in Asia, where mobile commerce has been thriving for more than a decade. Mobile commerce has been thriving in…

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TWG Tea takes a step toward mobile commerce

mobile commerce tea company

Company plans to become more engaging to mobile consumers with new app and services Singapore’s TWG Tea has plans to expand the sales of its luxury tea products and in order to do so has begun focusing on mobile commerce. The company boasts of more than 800 types of tea and believes that consumers can easily become overwhelmed by the options they have. In order to make it easier for consumers to find what they want, the company has begun developing a mobile application that will be able to support…

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Chunghwa Telecom plans new mobile payments initiative

NFC Mobile Payments System

Mobile payments are gaining ground throughout Asia Taiwanese telecommunications company Chunghwa Telecom has been showing some strong interest in mobile commerce lately. The company, like many others in its industry, has been taking note of the growing popularity of mobile commerce throughout Asia. Mobile payments are gaining ground as mobile devices become more readily available to a broader range of consumers throughout Asia. Chunghwa believes that the time is right to establish itself in the mobile commerce field and has targeted both QR codes and NFC technology in order to…

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Mcommerce is taking off in the Asia Pacific region

mobile commerce asia pacific

Online stores in APAC countries are scrambling to optimize for mobile to meet consumer expectations. In response to the rapidly growing trend toward the use of mcommerce by consumers in the Asia Pacific region, retailers are moving quickly to be able to offer websites and apps that will allow those potential customers to make their purchases through their method of preference. These consumers appear to be choosing their mobile devices over PCs at an increasing rate. Web retailers in the area have hardly missed a beat, by making sure that…

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NFC World Alliance combines the world’s leading technology firms to expand the reach of NFC

Augmented reality mobile marketing

NFC technology is becoming the cornerstone of mobile commerce. As the champion of the emerging industry, NFC technology has been attracting a great deal of attention all over the world as companies scramble to etch out their claim in an industry whose value ranks in the billions of dollars. As more companies begin to enter the field, those that have been in the industry for several years are taking note of growing competition. Now, three of the world’s leading NFC specialists are coming together to form a new coalition that…

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