QR codes start to show their artistic side – 3 in 1 code!

QR Code Art

With the increasing popularity of QR codes has come a great deal of experimentation with the various ways in which they can be used, and this has inspired designers and artists to present the barcodes in new and innovative ways. For example, artist and designer Frank Haase has drawn a great deal of attention to himself with his QR coded shoes prototype. They have been designed with a QR code carved right into their soles, so that when the wearer steps from a wet surface to a dry one, the…

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Super Creative QR Code Renegade Art Installation

Origami Cranes Used to Help Raise Money

It is becoming more apparent that QR codes are not exclusive to the business world. Several hundred origami cranes and paper cubes were found to adorn the trees in the courtyard of the Denver Art Museum in Denver, Colorado. In what is being called a “guerilla art installation,” each of these paper displays features a QR code. When scanned, the codes would resolve to the American Red Cross website, encouraging viewers to make donations to aid the victims of the recent tsunami disaster in Japan. The display was taken down…

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Finding new ways to interact with art

The Museum of Photographic Arts in California is changing the way visitors experience exhibits. As technology continues to evolve, artists are finding new ways to display their talent. To keep up with changing times, the museum will be making changes to how art is presented and will begin using QR codes to achieve this goal. Museum director, Deborah Klochko, likens this use of new technology to the time when photographic processes were first introduced back in 1839. “There was an excitement about the importance of what photography could provide,” says…

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Flattr makes its way into the real world by way of QR codes

Flattr, an online micro-payment system which allows users to tip their favorite web site in the virtual world, can now be used offline as well. The Swedish company just joined the ever growing trend of QR codes and has released Flattr4Android, their new app for smart phones.   By using Flattr4Android users can “Flattr” their favorite street musician or street artist just by scanning the QR code that the artist has created for themselves.  The QR code then functions just like a tip jar, allowing you to put money into…

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