Crisis teams with UK artists to make augmented reality exhibition

Augmented reality and the art world   Nine of the United Kingdom’s most famous artists have come together to partner with Crisis, a national charity that works for the benefit of the homeless. Art and philanthropy have been tied together for centuries, but never has the relationship been expressed in this way. The artists are working to create a new contemporary art exhibition using augmented reality. They will be using the Aurasma augmented reality platform to create digital content that will be linked to various pieces of art work. The…

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Artist Pedro Morales uses QR codes for his latest exhibition

QR Code Art

QR codes are proving to be quite attractive to artists around the world. Acclaimed Venezuelan artist Pedro Morales has used the codes in his latest exhibition called De Redes y Cadenas. Normally, the codes would be used as part of a marketing campaign, but Morales has decided to use the codes themselves as art. Other artists that have had this idea have incorporated QR codes into their artwork. Morales, however, has dissected the codes to make new designs that diverge from the code’s original pattern. Morales has been working with…

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