Google files new patent for augmented reality glasses

Google glass augmented reality glasses wearable technology

Google applies for new patent for augmented reality project Google has filed a new patent with the U.S. Patent and Trademark office concerning the company’s highly anticipated Google Glass. Google has been working on the Glass project for some time and has directed a great deal of attention toward its augmented reality capabilities. Late last year, doubts concerning the product’s use of augmented reality began to surface, suggesting that Google had abandoned its interest in the technology. This year, however, Google has been making an effort to show off the…

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Augmented reality technology patent issued to iQuest

Augmented Reality

It was issued in the United States to protect the company’s recording and holistic display technology. iQuest, Inc. has just announced the receipt of their first issued patent in the United States, which covers their iQagent’s holistic display and recording technology, which is used for their augmented reality app. This newly protected technology helps in combining the real and virtual worlds through mobile devices. iQagent is an iOS app that was first unveiled in 2012, and that has since been the recipient of notable awards. This augmented reality application displays…

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