Augmented reality kiosk designed to draw attention to sporting goods shop

Augmented reality and technology Shopping trends

The store is working with a technology provider to use iPads for a unique AR experience for shoppers. ArmorActive, an enterprise level tablet solutions company, has partnered with a Utah sporting goods store, Scheels, in order to implement an augmented reality iPad kiosk in its location in Sandy, to provide shoppers with a unique experience while they consider their purchases. The kiosk is made up of many different elements to create an AR experience for customers. The press release distributed by ArmorActive has described the augmented reality kiosk as having…

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Walmart and Marvel team to promote The Avengers film

Augmented Reality app

The Avengers promoted through augmented reality campaign Retail giant Walmart has teamed with Marvel Entertainment to prepare for the release of the upcoming film The Avengers. The film draws together some of the most powerful and famous heroes in the Marvel universe and this concept will serve as the template for the latest promotional campaign from both companies. Walmart has begun turning its stores into virtual playgrounds featuring Marvel super heroes. Shoppers can see these heroes with the use of the “Super Hero AR” mobile application, which brings the landscape…

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New report shows the growth of the mobile augmented reality market

Augmented Reality shopping mobile commerce

Reportlinker, a market research website, has released a new study concerning mobile augmented reality and how it may affect the world of marketing in the future. The report, titles Mobile Augmented Reality Report: Creating New Market Paradigm for Smartphones & Tablets 2011-2016, details the rise of augmented reality technology in the marketing industry and how it has come to change the way consumers communicate with each other and with companies. The data in the report was compiled by Visiongain, an independent research company specializing in telecommunications, pharmaceuticals and several other…

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Augmented reality shows promising signs of practical use in the near future


Though augmented reality was still only in its experimental stages two years ago, it is showing signs of truly coming into its own through the latest commonly used and readily available technologies. Augmented reality is a cutting edge electronics industry innovation which superimposes audio, graphics, and other sensory enhancements from the screen onto an environment in real time. Though images on television and other standard graphics technologies don’t change with the perspective of the viewer, augmented reality systems let the viewer change what is seen through movements of the eyes…

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AR has promise but consumers are slow to warm to the technology

Augmented Reality Marketing

The global reception of augmented reality mobile apps has fallen short of expectations, according to Juniper Research, a renowned marketing and technology research firm. The industry may still be in its infancy, but many big-name companies have backed AR technology as a new way to engage consumers. According to researchers, this may be due to the relatively low level of understanding from both companies and consumers regarding how augmented reality works. Windsor Holden, a principal analyst with Juniper Research, points out that the capabilities of augmented reality far surpass those…

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